• Medicare is for each individual, it is not a family plan
  • Medicare has 4 parts,  A, B, C, D
  • Med part A is Hospital
  • Med part B is all Doctors
  • Med part C is Medicare Advantage Plans  (includes A, B & D all rolled in one)
  • Med part D is stand alone prescription drug plans
  • 3 parts are required  for everyone, Med A, Med B and Med D
  • Part A may have a monthly premium, (usually not), Part B definitely will 
  • Part B also has a one time very low annual deductible
  • ​Part B can be deferred  if you keep your employers plan
  • Medicare only pays 80% of your medical services, you will pay 20%

There are only 3 ways to cover your 20% of Medicare Expenses


  1. Pay the 20% out of your pocket     (Never recommended, high cost & risk)
  2. Purchase or Enroll in Medicare Part C which is Medicare Advantage Plans
  3. Purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan


Let us explain and help you make find a great plan for your Healthcare

(Recommended)  Always get additional coverage / Never basic Medicare only